Which Közi are you?

1) Do you like blood?
Yes, I lust for it!
I'd rather see it coming from the crack of my whip!
*sigh* Whatever...
I see all, therefore I know all.  hah hahah ha ha!!
I like blood coming from eyeballs and nails.  drip, drip drip.
I like red!
I like flowers.

2) Do you have a particular fetish?
Visiting young virgins.
Tying up, beating people with my whip, and self mutilation!  Oh ya, and SEX!
Doesn't matter, it's all meaningless.
I like to walk around scaring people with my eevil stare!
Eyeballs, Nails, Sharp pointy things!
Twirling, Bouncing, Twirling, Bouncing, RED!

3) What is your Favorite Malice Mizer song?
Beast of Blood
Gekka no Yasoukyoku

4) Noise?
I prefer the sounds of heart beating.
Yes!! Perfect for me, while I'm laying the smack down on my slave.
I only like the sounds of crying.
Silence is better.
Ya, scraping sharp objects on glass is great.
Carnival music!
Acoustic guitar.

5) Are you sexy?
I am great lover, give me your neck?
I'm so sexy, girls are afraid to show me to their mothers.
Sex?!  Hmmm I'd rather not, thank you very much!
Eyes, power tools, asses, paint, sharp things are sexy.
I'm just cute!
Make Love, not war!

6) Make-up?
Just a little, not too much.  I don't want it to complicate with my good looks.
Super Gothy!!!
Pale face, black paint, something sad.
Very Feminine, pale face, dark eye-shadow, odd contact lenses.
White, black, and eyeball.
Red, gold, black.  Like a cute little doll!
Make-up?  Embrace your natural beauty!

7) How are you today?